The Minimally Invasive Penis Enlargement Platinum Procedure Discussed

The best way to discuss this Penis Enlargement PLATINUM procedure is to walk you through the process. Many patients ask ‘how to increase penis length’ or ‘how to make my penis bigger’ which are important questions. What are the expectations from this PLATINUM Procedure? This penis enlargement procedure is mainly for shaft and glans girth increases or increases in width, not length directly. Length gains have been seen, but as a result of several treatments of the shaft and glans.

First things first, the term PLATINUM Procedure is an acronym coined by Dr. Loria which stands for “Penile enlargement using a Long Acting-filler Technique Involving New and Unique Materials”. The use of long acting fillers have become available relatively recently in the United States, and considering that we have the medical instrumentation as well, this PLATINUM procedure was born. The FDA approved medications used are Silikon 1000 and/or Artefill. The FDA has approved Silikon 1000 only for intra-ocular (eye) injections. When a physician uses a drug in a different way, such as using Silikon 1000 as a penile filler, it is termed ‘off-label’ use. Dr. Loria uses Silikon 1000 in an off-label use, likewise with Artefill – which is only FDA approved as a limited facial filler. Patients need to know that even though the FDA does not at this time approve these aforementioned medications for penile use, all U.S. physicians, by law, are allowed to use these medications in, again, off-label uses.

After the penis enlargement and, if needed, penile reconstructive surgery consultation has been completed, answering all questions pertaining to how to increase penis length or how to make the penis bigger in girth, after the appropriate forms being filled out, and medical consent given, the patient is then taken into the procedure room. The patient will first place a gown on. Dr. Loria will enter the room, greet the patient, and have any pertinent discussions. At the present time Dr. Loria performs the entire procedure in total, with no assistants. This is done to provide the patient a level of comfort, privacy, and anonymity during the penis enlargement procedure.

Dr. Loria will walk you through the process as though you were undergoing the procedure. There are several steps to this male enhancement technique such as keeping the ‘field’ or genital-penis area clean, anesthesia, introducing the material into the Penis, the molding and shaping process, post-procedure care, and the future…more procedures if needed.

First the penis or genital area is given a cleansing. This is very important. To prevent infection the area must be cleansed. Additional cleaning will be necessary and that will be mentioned shortly.

After the penis or genital area is cleansed, a topical anesthetic is applied. This topical is very strong and penetrates deeply. After this remains on for 20-30 minutes, the penis becomes quite numb. The excess numbing cream is now removed and a more potent cleaning is done next…and this is with Betadine.

The Betadine application is critical because it is a very potent anti-bacterial/microbial agent. Infection rates can be kept down to an absolute minimum when proper cleaning is performed during a male enhancement procedure.

Before beginning inserting the filler material, the patient must be checked to make sure the anesthetic is working. If it is adequate, then the procedure will begin, if not, some additional anesthetics, such as a local injection will be added. Dr. Loria does not employ or use general anesthesia or nerve blocks. This penis enlargement procedure, which is minimally invasive, is managed quite will with local topical anesthetic creams and possibly a local injection. By providing topical creams and, if needed, a local anesthetic injection, to the genital area, there are no potential serious risks that accompany the use of general anesthesia.

Now that the numbing process is complete, the penis is now ready to receive the long acting filler material. The first step is to take a small needle and prick the penile skin superficially (not deep). The patient infrequently feels any of the procedure from this point forward. Now that we pricked the skin, we have a port to insert our cannula (a cannula is a like a needle but has a blunt tip- not sharp – and the material that is injected out exits a side port hole on the cannula tip).

The cannula is introduced into the skin port. The filler material is distributed in an even fashion throughout the penile shaft and, if needed, the glans (or head of he penis). The cannula, after delivering all of the filler, is then removed. This process of filling the penis is rarely ever noticed (felt) by the patients. Another note worthy of mention here: all materials and instruments coming in contact with the patient’s skin during the insertion of the filler material are sterile and disposable.

The particular filler material used is Silikon 1000 and a Hyaluronic Acid/and-or Collagen mix. A special note is warranted here. Silikon 1000 should never be injected in its pure liquid form. There are numerous medical articles discussing this product when used in its pure form…and the risks are evident. However, it is equally worth noting that when Silikon 1000 is placed into the body in a micro-droplet form, the reaction is favorable. What is this favorable reaction? When the body encounters a ‘micro-droplet- of silicone, the body reacts to it resulting in each micro-droplet to be ‘entombed’ by collagen. By entombing it, not only is migration of the Silikon near impossible, the silicone is not ‘seen’ again by the immune system and decreases exponentially the risk of granuloma formation or any acute or chronic inflammatory reaction.

Moving on….After the long acting filler material has been inserted into the penis, the penis is now wrapped with gauze. The gauze will aid in the molding process keeping the Penis and the newly introduced material in a certain shape. The object is to keep the gauze on until the material begins to ‘convert’ to collagen and become more stable. As stability increases and gets to a certain point, the gauze wrap will be removed.

After several days the patient will be reevaluated. The wrap will be removed by Dr. Loria and an assessment will take place. What will be determined is (1) whether the shape is optimal and, if need be, continue a full or partial wrap, (2) the quantity of collagen that has begun to form, if excellent, formula remains unchanged for the next procedure, or if fair to good, possibly a more concentrated solution might be needed.

What results are to be expected after the first penis enlargement procedure has been completed? With the average size penis (approximately 5-6 inches in length & 4-4 ¾ in circumference), the increase in circumference should be approximately ½ inch…or more. The length gain may or may not occur with one treatment. To ensure some length gain, the shaft and glans will need to be treated simultaneously and several times. By doing so, the entire penis will receive treatment and, thus, the entire penis will enlarge resulting in some lengthening.

Keep in mind that the PLATINUM Procedure is primarily for shaft and glans girth enhancement. It has been observed that after a patient undergoes at least 2 or more procedures that these length gains are noticeable and significant. It is possible to see some length gains after one procedure, but stringent documentation has not been done with length gains and these reported increases come from the patients themselves.

Keep in mind that there are other, more traditional penis enlargement surgical methods for male enhancement – whether to make the penis longer or increase the girth of the penis. The PLATINUM Procedure would be considered the least invasive technique compared to Lipo-suction fat transfer, dermal skin grafting, an Alloderm implant, a silicone-rubber type implant, and the like. All techniques carry risks and benefits and this needs always to be reviewed with your physician in consultation.


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